ignite stellar imaginations through an integrated approach to Preschool learning

Build brain network, essential skills, & confidence!
  • Stories & Learning Videos for kids
  • Printables & Printed Preschool Books
  • Creative Projects

why pandaParents

1. more Integrative learning
less rote memorization

3 simple steps
  • Step 1. Storytime -Storybooks & videos
  • Step 2. Learning Time - 30+ fun hands-on activities/course
  • Step 3. Creating Time - coloring, drawing, tracing, designing, painting, and more
example 1
A worksheet that teaches
• reading • Letters • biology • writing • visual tracking
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Example 2
A worksheet that teaches
• solar system • letter M • colors • Counting • size • writing • logic thinking
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Mirror Fun - Learn about reflection and practice cutting
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2. more skill building
and problem solving

  • Each story or worksheet weaves in multiple preschool subjects
  • Help your child make connections across subjects
  • You do not have to put your child in front of thousands of games or videos to learn!
  • Just ~ 30min/day, 2-3 times/week

3. better learning experience

  • Our stories will inspire your child to read
  • Our workbooks will motivate your child to get off screen
  • Your child will love to show off her art work!

4. broader scope than most preschool curriculum

  • Yeah! New theme, new learning every month!
  • Learn 100 Spanish words in 6 months
  • Learn 100 Chinese words in 6 months
  • Build critical thinking, eye tracking, organization skills, and more
  • What topics would you like your child to learn?

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build confidence
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It’s all about laughing together, bonding, building brains and confidence!

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