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PandaParents "M.E.S.S.Y. Learning" is designed to expand growing minds!

Your child is eager to learn. So why wait? Let's rock it!

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M.E.S.S.Y. Learning in a nut shell

How are we different?

We are parents with decades of professional experience in Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, Aviation, Mechanic Engineer, and Teaching. We pride ourselves on creating dynamic, meaningful, and engaging early learning lessons that are taught in a relaxing and joyful way. We feel that we have a good grasp on how to create an environment that makes young children feel happy, motivated, confident, and successful.

Let the learning adventure begin!

What is our mission?

We aim to help young children build stronger BRAIN foundation for future success & happiness, NOT just memorizing numbers or letters & passing tests!

what about early brain development?

The critical window is from birth to Age 5 when trillions of brain connections must be built. Early learning experience plays a key role in brain development in your child!

1. Early brain development? (1:55) 

“Early experiences affect the development of brain architecture.”(We thank Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University for sharing this wonderful video about early brain development.)

2. M.E.S.S.Y. Learning (1:42)

We feel many early learning programs focus too much on rote memorization. This kind of learning may miss the mark of early brain development or limit young children’s potential!

3. M.E.S.S.Y. storybook sample (0:50)

Your child will not only enjoy a story, but also learn words, play engaging games, answer questions, and develop problem solving skills while reading.

4. M.E.S.S.Y. workbook sample (0:51)

We focus on activities that promote critical thinking, imgination, and creativities. Each printable allows your child to integrate multiple essential skills.

test tube cartoon

M.E.S.S.Y. Learning for growing minds!

Formula that makes it special:

Mixed pre-school subjects for INTEGRATIVE learning
Engaging questions & activities for EFFECTIVE learning
Simple 1-2-3 steps: Read, Watch, Learn/Create
Smart designs for CREATIVE learning
Yeah, a new way to promote preschool STEM education & early brain growth!

Monthly preschool learning curriculum

  • New theme every month. Yeah!
  • Reading, STEM, Arts, & Good Habits all-in-one
  • Hands-on Activities in My First "School" Book
  • Learn @home or @classroom (age 3-6)

1. read & watch


stories for kids

original learning stories for children

2. learn


preschool workbooks

fun hands-on preschool activities

3. create


preschool art projects

simple, yet beautiful

original learning stories for children

fun hands-on preschool activities

simple, yet beautiful

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