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“Ants and Alligator”

Let’s Learn About

1. Reading Comprehension and the letters A & F.
2. Math & Arts: Shapes, Counting, and Sequencing.
3. Science & Nature: Animal Biology, Fossil, Ferocious Animals, and Marine Animals.
4. Learn to write and make a T. rex.
5. Learn to write and make an alligator.
6. A Gator Song with “Ants Marching” melody.
7. Behavior, Feelings, & Emotions

Step 1. Learn Through Stories, Videos, and Audio Games

Read and Learn

Watch and Learn

Ants and Alligator preschool book
Play Video

Learn Letters

Alphabet learning book
Play Video

Learn Animal Biology and Emotions

learn Chinese with Linlin
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Learn Chinese with LinLin
kids learn spanish
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Learn Spanish with Emma

Listen and Learn

Learn about the letter F and the /f/ sound – Part 1 

Learn about the letter F and the /f/ sound – Part 2

Recommended Reading List


1. An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni (Author, Illustrator) You can ask your child about the life cycle of an alligator and ask your child to identify the difference between an alligator and a chicken.


2. May I please have a cookie? by Jennifer E. Morris (Author) Although this book does not reflect the nature of an alligator, it is so cute that we simply cannot leave it out. It also teaches young children about the magic word, “please”.


3. Dinosaur vs. the Potty by Bob Shea (Author, Illustrator). T Rex is ferocious, but who is going win? T rex or Potty? This book is hilarious.


4. What is That? Said the Cat by Grace Maccarone (Author), Jeffrey Scherer (Illustrator) You can ask your child to find the letter A while reading the book together. Ask your child why all the animals ran away when the box was opened.


5. The Shark in the Dark by Peter Bently (Author) This is a very clever and super fun book. We absolutely love this book! It teaches young children that when they are challenged by big bullies, they can have a positive outcome if they stay calm, think smart, and work together as a team.

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Step 2-3. Hands-On LEARNING fun!

Step 2. Learn Through Hands-On Activities

Develop a variety of essential skills through hands-on learning

1. Memory games
2. Sequencing games
3. Comparing size games
4. Pattern games

5. Matching games
6. Sorting games
7.Writing/Coloring/Tracing games
8. Letter maze games

9. Hidden picture challenges
10. Phonic games
11. Just for fun games
12. And more . . .

Learning Activities from the Workbook

Download 10+ Activities

44-page fun hands-on learning


Download 40+ Activities

44-page fun hands-on learning

Step 3. Learn Through Creating

These are preschool arts and crafts projects designed to promote creativity as well as math skills in young children.

Download “Alligator vs. Dinosaur” book

Step-by-step instructions