A new way to promote 

STEM & early brain growth!
Learn PandaParents’ way!

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1. Well-rounded, Integrative, Flexible, Fun!

Support Early Brain Development In Your Kids

  • Read, Learn, Create all included
  • Our program aims to reduce rote-memorization.
  • Your child will learn a variety of topics through our monthly themes.
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2. Smart Design For STEM education

Innovative & Scientific Approach to Preschool

  • Our key creator had years of experience in science & research
  • Our program is designed based on research findings
  • Our learning program is NOT limited by common curriculum
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learn stem for kids

3. Special Learning Formula Designed for Young Children!

Mixed subjects & activities for integrative learning

 Engaging activities that challenge minds

 Simple 1-2-3 steps: READ, LEARN, CREATE 

 Smart designs for creative learning

 Yeah, a new way to promote preschool STEM & early brain growth!

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4. Foster Team Work Skills Through Guided Learning!

Team up with your child for some hands-on learning, art & fun

  • Success requires strong teamwork skills
  • Flexible design allows your child to choose from a variety of activities
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5. Build confidence through creative learning!

Our monthly learning courses mimic how young children naturally LEARN.

  • Beautiful storybooks & art projects
  • Thinking, Curiosity, Imagination
  • Child directed learning
  • Writing, Cutting, Creating . . .
  • Challenging their brains
  • Screen Dependent Learning
  • Repetition & Memorization
  • “NO!”, Don’t, “Do it this way!”
  • Digital Games
  • Limited to common curriculum

PANDAPARENTS created and designed the content and artwork of all the stories, videos, workbooks, & art projects on this site. Occasionally, we modified vector art from freevector.com, vecteeze.com, pixabay.com, and freevectordownload.com and used them as background images in activities.