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"mommy, daddy, and me" (Learning Gift for Kids 3-6)

Learn about LOVE, the letters B, D, I, K, P, T, “I am”, “I love you”, counting, Big, Small, Chinese or Spanish words, and more with Panda Kids!

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Step 1. Learn Through Stories, Videos, and Phonics Games

Watch and Learn

Learn Letters and Sound, Build vocabulary, Learn about Animals, Size, and More!

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Read-to-me “Mommy’s Baby “

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Daddy’s Little Buddy

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Learn Spanish with Emma

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Learn Chinese with LinLin 

Read and Learn

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listen to the story and learn about letters

Learn about the letter B and the short /b/ sound 

Learn about the letter D and the /d/ sound

Learn about the letter I, the long /i/ sound, “I am”, and “I love you”! 

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Enroll & Learn about the letter K and the short /k/ sound 

Enroll & Learn about the letter P and the /p/ sound

Enroll & Learn about the letter T and the /t/ sound

This Month’s Recommended Reading List

We tried to keep this program short, sweet, and simple, so we only listed 4 books. Many of the children’s books we recommend here have read-aloud versions on YouTube. You may watch them first and then decide if you would like to read a hard copy or an e-Book version with your child.

Parents are also encouraged to read other books that cover similar topics with their child. Any engaging books or stories fitting this month’s theme that your child will make a positive connection with will be great!


1.Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman (Author) We absolutely love this book. This book is about a baby bird looking for his mother. It is perfect for this month’s theme!  



2. Good Night, Little Bear: A Sleepy-Time Tale by Veronica Vasylenko (Author) We used to read this book almost every night. Your child will read about a bear, dear, fox, opossum, and more!

baby themed stories

3. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney (Author), Anita Jeram (Illustrator) This classic bedtime story just melts our hearts.


4. Garfield Big Fun, Little Fun by Jim Davis The fair is in town! Let’s go with Garfield and Odie! We love Garfield. How about you?

Step 2-3. Hands-On LEARNING fun!

Step 2. Build Essential Skills Through Hands-On Activities

Develop a variety of essential skills through hands-on learning

1. Memory games
2. Sequencing games
3. Comparing size games
4. Pattern games

5. Matching games
6. Sorting games
7.Writing/Coloring/Tracing games
8. Letter maze games

9. Hidden picture challenges
10. Phonic games
11. Just for fun games
12. And more . . .

Preview Learning Activities from the Workbook

Preview learning activities from “Mommy’s Baby”

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Sample learning activities from “Daddy’s Little Buddy” 

Step 3. build confidence Through Creative Learning

These are preschool arts and crafts projects designed to promote creativity, confidence,  as well as math skills in young children.

Creative Projects from “Mommy’s Baby”

Creative Projects from “Daddy’s Little Buddy” 

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