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“Enjoy those special early years together. It’s so fun to see children enjoying books and activities, so do it together with them. My daughter and I laughed a lot together over these stories, and those are memories and experiences that shape her forever.” – Lisa

“Teach younger readers valuable lessons without being ‘preachy’ or ‘teachy’. Just wholesome, interactive “messy” fun” – Jhonni

“Challenging questions at the end help the young reader reflect and participate in what they have learned.” – Karen 

“Each sentence and page packs so much energy and imagery that you really get a bang for your buck” – Karen

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“My son really enjoyed the variety of activities and it is great that the skills for each lesson are identified on the top of each page.”

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This novel new digital learning method combines a story with interactive activities that aim to keep a reader’s attention through different activities on each page . . . Perfect for active youngsters, this read-along story will keep little ones entertained as they learn . . . The colorful illustrations and series of objects will keep young readers engaged . . .

Overall opinion: 5 star rating

PandaParents’ educational picture and workbook for children, A Jolly Jingling Journey, is a comprehensive learning experience for children that’s fun and exciting to boot . . . A Jolly Jingling Journey educates as it entertains, and that’s a very good thing, indeed. It’s most highly recommended.

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“I was so interested in watching my son interact with the storybook, he was repeating words that he had not said before;  ” – Yvonne

“My son really liked the videos and the online book, and doing the workbook pages. The online book was the first book that I have ever read to him that I got to actually finish the book. He normally takes the book away from me and wants to “read it to me”. lol So we enjoyed reading the book together on the laptop.” – Rodna Allman 

“I read this book with my kids to see what they would think of it, and I received very good feedback. They loved the story and the pictures/drawings, but especially loved how they are able to feel like they are participating in the whole experience! . . . And the illustrations/photographs really help the book to come alive—They really are well done . . . I thought this was a wonderful book for children that encourages them to use their minds and become active participants in the reading and learning process.” – Gillian Hancock

“Very creative, charming, and great energy children will love. . . certainly has a nice hook and a sweet, positive moral at the end and the children will enjoy.  A great read, that entertains and educates and is fun for kinds to participate in. ” – Eliza Brown

“We absolutely loved it! My children and I really enjoyed the fun storytelling and the style of writing in this book—the distinctive ‘voice’ that is so fun and children can easily relate to and enjoy.  It is so simple and easy to read, but each sentence and page packs so much energy and imagery that you really get a bang for your buck . . .  We love the idea of how it not only encourages children to use their imagination, but to be learning as well . . . ” – Karen Matthews

“Very creative, charming, and great voice and narrative flow . . . and I think the concept of “messy learning” is one that kids will respond well to. ” – April Dawn

“I appreciate the author’s unique take on . . . actually making the readers part of the experience and including the use of the children to participate in the experience and making it their own by actively engaging and asking questions. . . This is the first I’ve read that is done this way and it works well – very organic feel! . . .  ” – Laura Clarke

“We would love to keep reading them! . . . a  well-thought out story and positive, memorable characters that teach younger readers valuable lessons without being ‘preachy’ or ‘teachy’. Just wholesome, interactive “messy” fun.  ” – Jhonni Parker